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Introduction and Goals

This is a month-long outpatient elective that can be done simultaneously with another specialty clinic or other elective such as neuroradiology. The goals for this rotation are for the resident to learn the anatomic and physiologic basis of neurologic diseases that involve the visual system and to apply that knowledge clinically. The resident with work with neuro-ophthalmologists in the neurology and ophthalmology departments, principally Dr. Ivy Dreizin in neurology and Drs. Yanjun (Judy) Chen and Marilyn Kay in ophthalmology.

Objectives and Evaluation Matrix

As with all of the neurology rotations, the specific objectives are reflected in the entrustable professional activities and individual milestones listed below. These form the basis for the end-of-rotation evaluation. (Please see the section End-of-Rotation Evaluations above for the list of milestone abbreviations).


Dr. Dreizin’s clinic is at 20 S. Park. Drs. Chen and Kay are at University Station.

Work Hours

This is a non-call, outpatient rotation. It is anticipated that residents will work ~ 40 hours per week on this rotation.

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