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General Neurology Outpatient

Introduction and Goals

This clinical elective for senior residents (PGY-3 and above) is based predominantly at the 20 S. Park Neurology clinic and includes both clinic and electrodiagnostic procedures. The goal of this rotation is to provide residents who may have interest in exploring a general neurology private practice some exposure to a less hyper-specialized clinic environment that more closely approximates a general private practice clinic.

Objectives and Evaluation Matrix

As with all of the individual neurology rotations described in this section, the specific objectives of the continuity clinic are reflected in the entrustable professional activities and individual milestones listed below. These form the basis for the resident’s evaluation. (Please see the section End-of-Rotation Evaluations above for the list of milestone abbreviations).
Gen Outpt.JPG


This rotation consists of 1-2 weeks of clinics and may be repeated. Below is an example schedule, subject to change depending on attending availability. In order to be scheduled for EMG clinics, the resident must have completed at least one month of Neuromuscular rotation.

An individualized schedule for the rotation will be emailed to the resident before the beginning of each rotation.

Gen Outpt Schedule.JPG

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