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Neurology Clerkships

Individualized 4th year Clerkship in Neurology: 676-919

(for UWSMPH and visiting U.S. medical students)
During this four week clerkship the student will have opportunity to develop knowledge in a subspecialty of neurology. Contact Dr. Luke Bradbury or Mary Beth Dunning about space availability and the initial approval process at the department level. In your email please include a short paragraph regarding your interest in neurology and how we can help form a four week rotation to fit any specific needs you may have. If given initial approval by Dr. Bradbury, students from other schools will be instructed to follow the application process for visiting students. After initialing contacting Dr Bradbury about scheduling, UWSMPH students will register for the course through the usual process. We do not accept international students.

Neuroscience Core Clerkship

(for 3rd year UWSMPH medical students only)
During this four week clerkship, students encounter many patients with interesting conditions affecting the nervous system. The approach to diseases of the nervous system may seem daunting given their complexity. Learning how to approach patients with neurological disease and about the thought process that is put into the diagnosis provide students with a powerful set of skills that can be utilized throughout their careers.

To learn more about the clerkship visit the Neuroscience Clerkship website

Visit the UW SMPH Health Education site for additional information.