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Appeals of Corrective Actions

Fellows who receive corrective action pursuant to the Structured Feedback, Academic Improvement, and Corrective Actions policy above will be permitted to appeal in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. An appeal must be filed in writing with the Neurology Department Chair or Vice-Chair within 7 calendar days of the corrective action’s issuance.
  2. The Chair or Vice-Chair and at least one other faculty member will form an ad hoc appeals committee.
    1. In order to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, the appeals committee will exclude the program director (who would have been involved in the corrective action at issue). 
  3. The appeals committee will meet with the fellow within 7 calendar days to review the appeal.
  4. The Chair or Vice-Chair will reply in writing to the fellow within 5 calendar days of the meeting.
  5. If the fellow is not satisfied with the intradepartmental response to the appeal, the fellow may then (and only then) appeal to the UW Health GME Appeals Committee. See the UW Health policy, Appeals of Resident Corrective Actions.

Latest revision: 05-14-2017