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Program Aims 

The UW Child Neurology Residency Program aims to:

  1. Attract and Train residents from a diverse set of medical schools to become clinically adept  child neurologists
  2. Instill habits of professionalism and lifelong learning
  3. Prepare residents for clinical or academic careers per their own preferences
  4. Maintain a healthy and diverse intellectual culture

Values Statement

Faculty and residents will strive to provide the highest quality of care to every patient. It is our unwavering view that the patient comes first, and must be offered with the compassion and professionalism that we would expect for ourselves and our families.

Our program emphasizes a team approach, with close interaction among attending physicians, residents, advanced practicing providers, and other health care professionals. We highly value our culture of safety, wherein anyone can feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or raise concerns without fear of reprisal.

Finally, we value intellectual curiosity and rigor. We eschew hasty conclusions in favor of the traditional form of neurological case formulation and reject reflexive decision-making in favor of critical reasoning and the application of sound science to patient care.

Latest revision: 04/26/2018